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Application for an official interpretation of residence - National Tax Information

You need to have 100% sure, that you are Norwegian tax resident and there you have it unlimited tax liability in Norway? Contact us!

Letter from the National Tax Information in Poland it is a document certifying undoubtedly about our tax residence in a given country. As part of the service, we will prepare an application on your behalf, after which you will receive such a letter. You can use it to support your tax residence in Norway if the Tax Office in Poland demands a tax subsidy.

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Service: Interpretation of tax residence - Poland - Norway, price: 1990 kr gross

How can we help you?

If you decide to use our help in determining tax residence through KIS, you can count on:

  • We will complete the application based on the information you provide
  • Providing further information regarding the procedure
  • Complete, satisfactory answers to your questions
  • Constant contact with our accountant
  • You can ask anything you want on this topic

What information do we need to provide the service?

Before ordering the service, it is worth preparing:

  • personal information (name, surname, number etc.)
  • residential address and correspondence address (can be Polish or Norwegian, can be both)
  • number of days you were in Norway
  • family information (wife, partner, children - where they live, do you live together, etc.)
  • information about real estate owned in both countries (including approximate value)
  • information about rented properties in both countries
  • information on income in Poland and Norway (if, for example, you didn't earn anything in Poland, just mention it)
  • information about the center of life interests (in which country you work/own your company, in which country you have family, friends, etc. - in short, in which country you have greater personal and professional connections - it is also worth describing it briefly)
  • information on registration and citizenship

WARNING! When sending the application, you will need to pay an official fee of PLN 40-80.

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Service: Interpretation of tax residence - Poland - Norway, price: 1990 kr gross

Example situation

Based on the situation of one of our clients who received an opinion on unlimited tax liability in Norway, as well as the regulations regarding the avoidance of double taxation between Poland and Norway and court decisions in this matter, we can conclude that a person has Norwegian residence if:

  • lives most of the time in Norway
  • has only Norwegian citizenship
  • has been living permanently in Norway for several years
  • is single
  • has adult children in Poland
  • owns a house in Poland
  • rents a house in Norway
  • has income only in Norway
  • with the center of life interests in Norway
  • he stays in Poland occasionally
  • is registered in Norway

In such a situation, the letter from KIS will only be an unquestionable confirmation of residence in the event of an inspection by the Tax Office. In other cases, not only that this will help with the inspection, but can also help establish residency if your situation is more complicated.

A letter from KIS or a residence certificate?

Many people think that a residence certificate is 100% proof of tax residence in a specific country. This is a myth.

Certificate of tax residency is not clear confirmation of our 100% tax residence in one of the countries. It only certifies the fulfillment of the residence conditions in a given country. Norway or Poland may issue such a document, but it does not in any way exempt you from tax liability in the other country if it results from the regulations..

This means that, for example, if the Tax Office requires us to pay additional tax due to double taxation, referring to the residence certificate will not change much in our situation, it is a minor argument. The office will require proof of being a Norwegian resident - this means meeting a number of residency requirements. The certificate itself will not matter.

Therefore, an individual interpretation of the National Tax Information is a much better solution here. It is a reliable document that will help in the event of claiming a subsidy in Poland by the Tax Office.

I would like to consult Poland-Norway taxes

If you want to know your tax residence first or you don't know whether you also have to settle your earnings in Norway in Poland, you can use our help in determining taxes in Poland and Norway.

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Service: Interpretation of tax residence - Poland - Norway, price: 1990 kr gross