Covid in Norway – set of rules – entry, tests, quarantine. From June 21.06 – free entry from Poland!

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In this post you will find a complete set of rules with government sources, verified and verified.
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Generally, from June 21.06, Poland becomes a green country according to the Norwegian government. This means that from June 21.06, every resident of Poland has the right to enter Norway for any purpose - tourist, for work, vaccinated or not - Norway has no right to deport him as long as he has met the conditions for safe travel to Norway, which will be discussed later. Generally dispelling doubts, here is the complete list provided by the Norwegian government:
1. Norwegian citizens
2. Persons residing in Norway
3. Residents of green countries (Poland has been a green country since June 21.06) - including tourists who have spent the last 10 days in a green country, and in addition, your trip to Norway must be "safe" - read more about safe travel below.
4. The immediate family of a person residing in Norway, including:
a) A spouse or partner with whom you have lived for at least 2 years or with whom you have a child in common
b) Minor children
c) Parents to minor children
d) Adult children and parents of adult children (from 19.06/12 00:XNUMX)
e) Grandchildren and grandparents (from 19.06/12 00:XNUMX)
f) Partner over 18 years of age, with whom the relationship lasts at least 9 months, with whom you have met at least once, based on an application to UDI (from 19.06/12 00:XNUMX)
5. A person who works in a critical sector
6. A person vaccinated against COVID-19 (at least one week after vaccination with a two-dose vaccine from the second dose and three weeks after vaccination with a single-dose vaccine) or who has had COVID-19 (with a positive test a maximum of 6 months ago) with an EU certificate with a QR code (valid from 24.06/00 00:XNUMX for EU certificates) – regardless of the color of the country
… + a few others
NOTE: You just need to meet any of the above exceptions to be able to enter.
You can use any of the exceptions and enter. However, if you use exception 3) - i.e. you enter, e.g. as a tourist, a friend of a person in Norway or extended family, you must meet the safe travel criteria.
Safe travel is a journey from the Green Country (including Poland) to Norway:
1) without using public transport in red regions along the way
2) without staying overnight in the red regions along the way
3) no contact with anyone other than those you live with in red areas
How to understand this exactly? The government gives the interpretations it uses:
1) Traveling by road without staying overnight on the way (e.g. Poland -> Germany -> Denmark -> Sweden -> Norway) is safe.
2) Taking a ferry: Green region ferry -> Norway - is considered safe (ATTENTION! from July 19.07, the Denmark->Norway ferry is not considered safe!)
3) The Poland -> Norway plane is considered safe. Any stopover in a red region causes the journey to be considered unsafe.
4) All buses and trains are not considered safe.
I would like to remind you that from June 21.06 you can enter as a tourist if your journey was safe. The same safe travel restrictions apply to the subsequent quarantine requirement.
Source: $4.a), $4a and $6a
If you have already determined whether you can enter Norway and how you will do so, you need to determine whether you need to be tested 24 hours before crossing the border. Generally, everyone entering except:
1. Fully vaccinated people or those who have had COVID-19 (see detailed definitions and required documentation earlier)
2. People arriving from green countries (from June 21.06 also from Poland), if their journey was safe
3. Children under 12 years of age
4. Drivers in international transport at work
All the rest must take the test 24 hours before crossing the border (or 24 hours before starting air travel). Preferably an antigen test (result within 30 minutes) or PCR.
Generally, everyone is currently obliged to register their entry (change: residents of green countries also have such an obligation). The only exception currently is people who are vaccinated or have had COVID. If online registration does not work, you can register by phone +47 33 41 28 70 - also in Polish! Registration must be made a maximum of 72 hours before entry (you can later even before crossing the border). The registration confirmation code will be needed at the border and airlines may require it.
Generally, you should be able to substantiate the situation you are in - which exception you are using. There is no explicit documentation, but circulating papers provide sample documentation. Also depending on your situation and the exception you are using:
1) You live in Norway – extract from folkeregisteret (bostedsadresse must be Norwegian) or a rental agreement valid before departure, after return and an exit ticket from Norway.
2) You live in a green country (e.g. Poland) - an ID card is usually enough. To be sure, you can take a lease agreement in Poland or a notarial deed of ownership of the property. However, being a Polish citizen and coming from Poland should be 100% sufficient.
3) You are the family of a person living in Norway (ATTENTION - if you are a resident of Poland and your trip will be safe - you do not need to collect this documentation! You also do not need to have this documentation if you are fully vaccinated) - certificates confirming the family relationship - birth certificates, marriage certificates , joint tenancy agreement and others.
4) Person working in a critical sector - appropriate documentation from the employer
5) People who have been vaccinated or have had COVID - an EU certificate of vaccination or having had COVID
6) Proof that the journey was safe - an oral declaration is enough. If circumstances preclude safe travel (for example, a flight from a red country to Norway), this will of course not be recognized. They are not necessary, but they always make a safe journey possible - all invoices, tickets, etc. A ferry is not a safe journey!
7) COVID test – attestation/printout or EU certificate of the test
The documentation should be in a language understood by Norwegians - English, Norwegian, etc.
Most have to be tested at the border. This is a free test. Exceptions to the obligation:
1. Drivers in international transport
2. People who are fully vaccinated or have had COVID (conditions above)
a) children: covid-19-forskriften §4d says: "Barn under 12 år skal ikke testes der det er uforholdsmessig krevende å få tatt testen av barnet." – that is, children will not be tested when it is “too” demanding to be tested – that is, in practice, when the child is very afraid or there are other circumstances that make it difficult to test the child, the test should be abandoned.
We will divide people into three groups here: completely exempt, home quarantine and hotel quarantine.
—Persons completely exempt from quarantine:
1. People arriving from green countries (from 21.06/XNUMX from Poland) who arrived safely in Norway
2. People who are fully vaccinated or have had COVID (definition and documentation earlier in the post)
—People subject to home quarantine:
1. Minors
2. People who have stayed only in regions of Europe with fewer than 500/100.000 new cases in the last 14 days (currently all of Europe) and have the option of quarantine in a place with a separate bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.
3. People who applied and received a positive decision for exemption from hotel quarantine due to socially important matters - e.g. funeral or serious illness of a loved one in Norway.
—People subject to hotel quarantine:
1. The rest – mainly people staying outside the EU.
The standard quarantine period is 10 days. It can be shortened after a negative PCR test after 7 days of quarantine (the commune is not obliged to pay for it, unless you stay in a hotel). Children and people after the first dose of the vaccine (between 3 and 15 weeks after taking it) can shorten the quarantine after a negative PCR test after 3 days.
The cost of a quarantine hotel is 500 kr per day for adults, 250 kr for children 10-18 years of age and 0 kr for children under 10 years of age. Meals are included in the hotel price.
You can travel to any green country from Norway and back without quarantine obligation, regardless of the length of your stay there. The journey must be made safely.
Entry to Poland by land - does not require tests, by sea - requires a test if we do not live in Poland, by air - requires a test. In practice this is not enforced. Vaccinated and recovered persons are exempt from the entry test. People without COVID tests or certificates are subject to a 10-day quarantine. You can be released from quarantine by taking a test within 48 hours of crossing the border. The following are also exempt from quarantine:
1. People who showed a negative test result max. 48 hours before crossing the border
2. Vaccinated 14 days after full vaccination
3. Recovered patients up to 6 months after a positive test result
4. Children under 12 years of age traveling with a vaccinated or recovered caregiver.
So to summarize the most important things:
1. You live in Poland, you stayed in Poland for 10 days, then from June 21.06 you have the right to enter Norway for any purpose - for work, as a tourist, etc. You must travel safely (by car or plane). You are not subject to entry quarantine.
2. You have been vaccinated or have had COVID-19 and an EU certificate - from June 24.06, you can visit Norway for any purpose. There are no restrictions on traveling here - you can get to Norway whenever you want. You can download the EU certificate in Poland from IKP:
3. You can go to Poland for a weekend or longer and after returning to Norway you do not have to quarantine (if the trip was safe)
4. The color of Poland may change from week to week (from every Sunday to Monday), so I recommend following the news and planning your trips in accordance with the forecasts and knowing the consequences.
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