Poland-Norway tax calculator 2022

The Poland-Norway tax calculator is used to calculate the approximate tax surcharge for people working in Norway and having tax residence in Poland. We recommend that you first check your tax residence in our tool: check tax residence! If your tax residence is in Poland - use this calculator to check how much extra you will potentially pay. Instruction The following fields must be entered

Poland – Norway double taxation calculator

The calculator allows you to calculate taxes in Poland and Norway. You must complete all data for the calculation to be correct. We assume that you are a resident of Poland. You can check out the residence here. How many months did you live in Norway in 2021? {tooltip} {end-texte}Each month of residence in Norway counts, so if you lived in Norway from January 20 to February 5, you count 2

Pendler status – check what you are entitled to – update 2023!

The form checks whether you are a pendler and what deductions you are entitled to as a pendler. We assume that you work in Norway and the employer does not cover accommodation costs, and on this basis we verify whether you are entitled to deductions. Answer the following questions truthfully or do a simulation. Data has been updated for 2023! Pendler calculator And as you already know

Tax residence Poland Norway – where to pay taxes – double taxation

You can check your tax residence here. Answer the questions below. The application was developed on the basis of local regulations of Poland and Norway and the agreement on the avoidance of double taxation between countries. This is an orientation tool only. We assume that you live and work in Poland or Norway during the year (however, the application also works properly if you spend a small part of the year in

Gross net calculator for companies ENK Norway

Gross net calculator for companies ENK Norway The calculator allows you to calculate the gross and net hourly rate. We also explain basic concepts. The calculator is for sole proprietorships under standard conditions in Norway. You can fill in any fields and the calculator will calculate the rest of the fields! I want to calculate everything based on: Gross hourly rate on the invoiceNet hourly rate on the invoiceHourly rate