Application for a D-number

What is D-number?

The D-number is a temporary identification number that is issued to foreigners who intend to stay in Norway for less than six months. In practice, it is issued at the beginning of your stay in order to complete all formalities and legally work in Norway.

The D-number consists of 11 digits, where the first six digits represent the date of birth, but the first number is incremented by 4 (first digit of the day of birth).

The tax authorities order a D-number for people who are subject to tax in Norway and have a tax card. The D-number is also most often obtained together with the first tax card. A D-number can also be obtained if you need to represent a company in Norway.

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Service: Application for a D number, price: 690 kr gross

Who can get a D-number?

You are entitled to a D-number if:

  • you are subject to tax in Norway (you work, run a business)
  • you are applying for asylum or have a valid residence permit (non-EU residents)
  • you are subject to orders issued by NAV or HELFO (moving with family, looking for a job, etc.)
  • you hold a role in a Norwegian entity, for example a member of the company's management board
  • you are registered in the land register, for example you own a house in Norway

Identity check

In order to obtain a D-number and subsequent tax card, you will need an identity check. We will arrange an appointment for you at the selected tax office or other institution providing identity control services.

What do we need to perform the service?

  • Employment contract
  • Your personal data: name and surname, date of birth, address
  • Data from the identity document
  • Information about your stay in Norway - when you arrive, how long you intend to work, etc.

We provide the service on behalf of both the employee and the employer employing the employee.

What does the service include?

The service includes:

  • Completing the documentation necessary to obtain a D-number and a tax card
  • Setting the date of the visit and the place of the visit in order to check the identity and submit documents
  • Instructions on what to bring to your visit and what to do

WARNING: The decision regarding the granting of a D-number rests with the office in Norway. The service only covers mediation between you and the office.

Order the service online!

Service: Application for a D number, price: 690 kr gross